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Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. in economic patriotism rooted in the belief that growing our economy begins with a strong and thriving middle class. >> mitt romney spoke at an american legion hall in springfield, virginia, not far from the pentagon. romney criticized obama over potential defense cuts and vowed to maintain u.s. military power. >> we're going to make sure to restore the principles this nation was built upon a freedom and opportunity and restore our economy and put people back to work, get rising take-home pay again. we're going to make sure we of the military that a second to none. i will do those things. i look forward to being able to keep the station strong. i make that commitment to you. i need your help. we have to win in virginia. we will keep america the hope of the earth. >> a new video has raised questions about mitt romney's repeated claims on the campaign trail that his business background would help him create jobs as president. the video released by the magazine "mother jones" shows romney in a 1985 address describing the mission of bain capital, the private equity firm he co-founded and formerly
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
impost on greece, portugal, or ireland having any sort of effect on the economy or people's welfare or unemployment. i think people are saying we do not want to head in that direction. >> you have spoken about some of the effects on people already with the austerity measures in place. can you talk about housing and food? >> housing is a big issue because and the spaniards ended up buying houses or homes back during the main housing boom. and what has happened since then is first of all they bought these houses at very inflated prices. here we have over 25% unemployment so as people began to lose their jobs and as the housing payments went up, more and more people lost their homes. there has been a repossession of many, many homes. in spain, there is something very unique to our system. once the bank repossesses your home and when you are evicted and you lose your home, you are still liable for the entire debt. which means not only are people on the streets or having to find alternative housing, but they also owe hundreds of thousands to the banks. this is aggravated by the fact that
Sep 28, 2012 3:00pm PDT
culture from top to bottom, from the economy and technology up to the religion. the problem is that what we find in the field as data is primarily information on technology, on the material culture. you find buildings and pot shards and stone tools and things like that. so how do you move from that data to the organization of society and then to their religion and these other aspects of culture ? and there is only one way to do that. and that is to go to living populations, living cultures that are being studied by ethnographers, by our colleagues in cultural anthropology, and use them as analogies. keach: in the 1970s, anthropologists documented a society called the kawelka in the highlan of papua new guinea. the kawelka society numbers about 1,000. they could be either a tribe or a chiefdom, because the population limits defining social types are not fixed. here in the highlands, people raise sweet potatoes and pigs. like the first residents of copan, no one here has acquired great individual wealth. but men like ongka can acquire great prestige and influence. such leaders are called "
Oct 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
, the fortunes creat when america changed from an agricultural to an industrial economy had grown enormously. j. pierpont morgan was the greatest financier of his age. he also was determined to become its greatest collector. in the year that morgan formed united states steel, the world's first billion- dollar corporation, he achieved a goal equally great in the field of art. for an unprecedented sum, he acquired raphael's famous colonna altarpiece. like other wealthy americans of his time, morgan sought the company of the european aristocracy. he was part of the cultural movement known as the american renaissance, which saw the united states as the heir of the european past. adjacent to his house in new york, morgan built a library as a monument to his taste. the decoraon inside the library was inspired by raphael and other italian masters. morgan's library contained his collection of rare books and manuscripts, as well as renaissance paintings and sculpture. like isabella gardner, morg identified with a renaissance predecessor, the great banker agostino chigi. morgan even installed in his stud
Sep 27, 2012 6:00pm EDT
to seriously contract the global economy over the next decade. the obama administration has taken new steps to loosen sanctions on burma following a series of reforms by the ruling junta. in a meeting at the u.n. general assembly, secretary of state clinton told the burmese president at the u.s. will ease its ban on imports from burma. >> we have watched as you and your government have continued the steady process of reform, and we have been pleased to respond with specific steps that recognize the government's efforts and encourage further reform. in recognition of the continued progress toward reform and in response to requests from both the government and the opposition, the united states is taking the next up in normalizing our commercial relationship. >> the national football league has reached an agreement to end a labor dispute with the referees. the nfl rushed to make the deal after a botched call by replacement officials decided the outcome of a nationally televised game monday night, prompting widespread outrage from fans, journalists, and the teams. you can go to
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
government and to say to them, oil is 90% of the foreign exchange. if something happens, the economy will be destroyed, so you have to deal with the troublemakers. most times, the government will oblige. when these communities protest and say look at the amount of violence being used against us, we are protesting peacefully. then the government can say there is no way we can determine how much violence we use against the people. so then the local communities have no leverage with the oil companies at all. >> that was ken saro-wiwa. he was executed in 2010 by the nigerian regime. finally, the hair as me -- baher azmy, why is the court hearing this again? it is in that unusual? >> the court is asking two questions in the case, the first is, corporations, because of their form, are exempt from otherwise binding international human rights obligations. they are also asking an equally broad question, whether or not this statute could apply to a human rights a violation that occurred outside of the united states, as in nigeria. the ominous precedent, of course, is citizens united, where the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6